Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

It was the best of Christmases. It was the worst of Christmases. For the first time in a long time, we had to deal with sickness during Christmas here at our house. Anna received an early, unwanted gift: the stomach flu. It started at 3 AM Christmas Eve morning. The poor girl spent Christmas Eve entirely in bed or the bathroom. It just kills you as a mother to watch your 6 year old go through that and not be able to do much to comfort or help. We sent the rest of the family on to church without us that evening and Anna just broke down crying at being left behind.

Fortunately, she perked up a little bit that evening and was able to join us to open one gift that night. Is there nothing in the world a Limited Holiday Edition Webkinz Penguin won't cure? Love you, Anna.

Things were brighter for Anna on Christmas day. Though not 100%, she was well enough to enjoy all the festivities. Unfortunately, my dad did not feel well at all. It was his turn to tackle the flu. Here he is in his version of Skipping Christmas.

It was not all sickness and doom and gloom around here, however. The girls were all excited for Santa's visit, and at 7 AM, Claire called me from Meghan's cell phone to tell us it was time to get up! (kids and technology!) First I had to take the obligatory, "kids waiting patiently at the top of the stairs while mom snaps a picture" picture before they could sprint downstairs and see what Santa left.
What to their wondering eyes did appear? Laptops! Santa brought laptops for each of them! And a pile of other stuff too. They were thrilled. At the end of the gift opening, I was presented with one last gift in a big box. I could not believe it. Staring back at me was a laptop of my very own! My husband and mother-in-law, Susan, conspired together to get me one. I was and am thrilled beyond words with this gift. Now, where the heck are we going to put 4 new laptops in this house? A Merry Christmas indeed.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The top of the stairs photo is a brilliant idea! I love chaos, but I like it better when it's a tiny bit controlled.

Congrats on all the new laptops!

Scott said...

Nice blog Tracey! Keep at it so you can help
me with mine! All I can say about mine after
seeing yours is WEAK! I need to go through
and put up some pictures!