Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Craft Post

My mom came to Houston for Mother's Day last weekend and we spent the day making these cute totes. I used the Swell line from Urban Chiks (love them!) and my mom used Chez Moi's line called Posh. I still need to sew the straps on the meantime, my mom has started her second one. Sheesh......overachiever! :)

Also, I am posting pictures of my latest hobby.....paint cans decorated to use as gift receptacles (think gift bags, but you know... paint cans.) I am loving this and thinking about doing it as a little business. It offers the same kind of thrill as quilting (have you seen the scrapbooking papers these days? Designs and patterns to rival the best Moda fabric, I tell you) only with more immediate gratification than quilting. Definitely a hobby I could get absorbed in!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Sing, We Dance, We Blog

The new cd from Jason Mraz called "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things" is out today. I picked it up at Target this afternoon. We have been waiting for this in our household since first hearing about it. Jack and I love Jason Mraz, and even Meghan has taken a few of his songs off our iTunes library for herself. I am listening to it right now for the first time, and it's good. I also think it is really going to grow on me as I keep listening. That's how Mr. A-Z was for me....the more I listened, the more I loved it. It is probably one of Jack's top 5 favorite cds, while I prefer Waiting for My Rocket to Come. If I had a bucket list so to speak, of things to do before I died, seeing Jason Mraz live in a cozy venue would be on the short list. Jack and I have talked about it. We would fly to a new city, go see Jason, take in sights for a day and then fly back home. Ahhh, we got to get working on that one.

Still need to post pictures of Claire with her quilt. I have a couple of her working on it, but I need to snap one of the prodigy seamstress with her finished quilt top. That's to come.