Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I have the best mom in the entire world, and today is her birthday! We are going to celebrate together next week when she comes to visit us in Houston. Mom, we are going to have so much fun!

Have a fantastic day today, and then get plenty of rest and bring your comfy shoes next week! We are doing it up big!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What the hell happened to rock n roll?

I've been in the habit for awhile of playing my ipod shuffle while cleaning up dishes after dinner (as opposed to the loftier use I used to have for it.....running. Got to get back into THAT habit.) Anyways, Fallout Boy's "I Don't Care" has been my favorite tune for the last week or so. It makes me want to drive about 100 miles an hour on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair. Wait. Sorry.....wrong song. ANYWAYS, I love to rock out to this song while my bad ass self puts leftovers away in knock-off Tupperware. The video is great too. My politically correct, socially moral side stifles a giggle behind my hand-covered mouth while my mean, sarcastic side laughs hysterically from beginning to end. (Warning, it's got some bad words, a flip of the finger and some offensive scenes, so while Meghan and I watch it, I am not subjecting Anna to it. Just saying...)

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition!

How do you like the new digs? I was tired of the bright red and wanted to find something more graphically-designed, so not knowing anything about HTML codes, I googled blog layouts and came across the Leelou site. There are lots of fun designs, and the designer offers them for free! She only requests that you add her button to your sidebar so people can link to her site if they need a bloggy change. So, you will see the cute leelou button on the left over there. Gosh, I wish I could make over my house as easily (and cheap!) as my blog.

And because I won't let myself post without a picture or image (c'mon, you know you just skim over the pictureless posts on other blogs, right?), here are some cute Halloween stickers that match my new blog color theme:

I am so drawn to retro looking images lately. Funny how retro now includes anything from the '80s on back. Old I tell you.... I am getting old as dirt.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Are you watching Chuck? Why not??? I think it has just surpassed The Office as my favorite show. Jim and Pam? They've got nothing on Chuck and Sarah. You can catch up on Season 2 here. Then go back and watch Season 1. Trust me....this show is an underrated gem. Not to mention, it has the coolest theme song ever for a tv show.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Klein Oak (Meghan's high school) celebrated homecoming this past weekend. Friday night was the football game against Tomball and they were victorious......56 to 29. They remain undefeated and the team to beat in their division. Go Panthers!

So, Saturday evening was the big dance at the school. Meghan and Natalie went without dates and met up with friends. These are some pictures I snapped in Natalie's backyard before they left. Don't they look pretty?

Some goofy pics too:

Awww.....BFF was a term invented for these two. Seriously. I don't know what Meghan would do without her pea-in-the-pod, Natalie.

The best thing about not going with dates to the dance? Mums. You Texans probably know what I am talking about, but for those of you who haven't experienced homecoming in this fine, adopted state of ours...ummm.....this is not your grandmother's mum corsage of yesteryear.

Here is the modern day mum:

That goes around your daughter's neck and she wears it to school all day and to the game. Thankfully the kids at KO do not wear them to the dance. It would entirely cover the front of a dress. These babies cost at least $100 and upwards of $200 (and thankfully are purchased by the girl's boyfriend/date. The boys wear the mums as garters, which are less expensive and paid for by the girl.) I heard that several years back, in an apparent backlash against these monstrosities, people would donate money to a charity and get a pin to wear stating they donated the cost of a mum to said charity. That was nice.......until people started donating to get the pin.....and put it on the mum! Dear Lord. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas and I guess these ugly mums are no exception, but you all have my absolute permission to tease the hell out of me if I ever post pictures of Meghan wearing one of these to homecoming.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Book Club - October

My Reading Between the Wines book club is currently reading this book. I am not too far in yet, but we meet on Wednesday, so I will be doing some heavy duty reading the next two days. It looks like something I would like, so I am looking forward to spending some time with it tomorrow. I will let you know what I think.

In other reading, I plucked the Twilight Series off of Meghan's book shelf this summer. She had been telling me how good the books were. I started Twilight and kind of made fun of it to her at the beginning. But then, holy got SO GOOD. I read the rest of the books through the summer. (Well, I read the 1st three books in four days and then I had to wait until August when Breaking Dawn was released to finish the series.) Can I say it again.......SO, SO GOOD. Gah.....Edward Cullen. If only I were a teen again.

OK, two more books that are waiting in queue on my nightstand: The Thirteenth Tale and The Sugar Queen. The former is kind of a gothic mystery and the latter is the second book by Sarah Addison Allen who wrote Garden Spells. Loved that book.

Anyone else out there with suggestions to add to my nightstand?