Sunday, October 5, 2008

Book Club - October

My Reading Between the Wines book club is currently reading this book. I am not too far in yet, but we meet on Wednesday, so I will be doing some heavy duty reading the next two days. It looks like something I would like, so I am looking forward to spending some time with it tomorrow. I will let you know what I think.

In other reading, I plucked the Twilight Series off of Meghan's book shelf this summer. She had been telling me how good the books were. I started Twilight and kind of made fun of it to her at the beginning. But then, holy got SO GOOD. I read the rest of the books through the summer. (Well, I read the 1st three books in four days and then I had to wait until August when Breaking Dawn was released to finish the series.) Can I say it again.......SO, SO GOOD. Gah.....Edward Cullen. If only I were a teen again.

OK, two more books that are waiting in queue on my nightstand: The Thirteenth Tale and The Sugar Queen. The former is kind of a gothic mystery and the latter is the second book by Sarah Addison Allen who wrote Garden Spells. Loved that book.

Anyone else out there with suggestions to add to my nightstand?

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