Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Craft Post

My mom came to Houston for Mother's Day last weekend and we spent the day making these cute totes. I used the Swell line from Urban Chiks (love them!) and my mom used Chez Moi's line called Posh. I still need to sew the straps on the meantime, my mom has started her second one. Sheesh......overachiever! :)

Also, I am posting pictures of my latest hobby.....paint cans decorated to use as gift receptacles (think gift bags, but you know... paint cans.) I am loving this and thinking about doing it as a little business. It offers the same kind of thrill as quilting (have you seen the scrapbooking papers these days? Designs and patterns to rival the best Moda fabric, I tell you) only with more immediate gratification than quilting. Definitely a hobby I could get absorbed in!!

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