Monday, November 3, 2008

Guest Blogger Today

Guest blogging for me today is a good friend of mine and computer blogging buddy, Lucy Lu McAfee:

Dang, this is what happens when you don't have any blogging material, but feel the need to blog because it's been so long. You start pretending your cat does stints guest blogging. Like she can blog. The best she can do is surf lolcats. She gets such a kick out of that site!

October. It was a good month......a VERY good month. Jack has a new job. A very kick-ass new job at that. He has been there a little over a week and he is over the moon excited about it. And I am over the moon excited for him. We celebrated with a few friends a couple of weekends ago. There was cake and Patron. I had cake. Jack had Patron. Jack didn't feel too good the next day. But it was worth it after enduring months of pent up stress and anxiety.

Here he is with his cake. Note: Patron was involved in the making of this photo:

October was also Quilt Festival in Houston and a nice visit by my parents. My mom and I went for the 5th year in a row, I think. Lots of gorgeous quilts, fabrics and projects that we oohed and aahed at. I did pretty good this year and bought just a little bit....some Amy Butler fabric and Fig Tree's Fig and Plum. I also bought this book from a company called Primitive Gatherings. Now I need to actually get back to quilting and work on some things.

October was also Halloween, of course. It was great weather in Houston this year. Low humidity and nice temps. I handled the pumpkin cleaning and carving this year (with help from my mom) since Jack was busy at work. Here are my creations:

And here are our crazy three. Meghan threw on a cape last minute just so she could go out with her sisters. Claire was a nerd (such a cute nerd!) and Anna was Tinkerbelle complete with light- up fairy skirt. Unfortunately, Anna had come home from school sick with a fever on Halloween, so although I plied her with Tylenol and her fever broke, she was not really up for much trick or treating. She made it to about 10 houses at the most and then wanted to go back home. Superhero sister Meghan stepped in (the red cape DID come in handy!) and took her treat bag. She finished the neighborhood with Claire and brought back a haul for Anna. I am sure the adults were, "Sure you have a sick sister at home you 15 year old candy-grubbing teenager! "

So, yeah, October pretty much rocked for the McAfees. Even gas prices cooperated and we paid under $2 for the first time in forever. Are we not all loving those prices? Love you, October 2008!! Thanks for being good to us!

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