Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For my family

Um, I stopped blogging. Not intentionally. I began sorting through summer vacation photos back in July to post my recap of a most excellent summer trip to Southern California. I became entirely bogged down by the sheer number of photos I had taken and my complete inability to edit them down into a reasonable post length. So, there the post sat as a "draft" in my blog account. And then I refused to blog anything else until I posted that entry. And that turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into......where the hell did 2009 go?

Jack and the girls have gently reminded/chided/harassed me the entire time about blogging again. And unfortunately, I just never made it a top priority. Why spend hours on a blog entry about a family vacation that perhaps only my family will see? My audience is not exactly far reaching, and there are more productive ways to spend my time most days. But then, I kind of had a revelation about this little blog o mine. Though I am not entertaining 100s (10s?) of followers like dooce, for instance (her audience is actually far larger than that), what I do have here IS important to the 10 or so people that follow me. This digital journal matters to the people who matter most to me. And, so I renew my commitment to my "little corner of life".

And because my most ardent supporter (read: the one who emailed and commented on a regular basis for me to blog again) has a birthday tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to blog again on her Birthday Eve. So CB.....this one's for you.

(And Meg, Anna, Jack, mom, dad, Aunt Edna, Cousin Eddie.....this one's for you too.)