Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still playing catchup on the blog and I can't close out 2009 without a birthday post! Claire turned 12 (and I turned old) on December 30th. We shared a great day together. We went out for pedicures and then I took her to the mall for a shopping spree. (She is far more into clothes and shoes than she was last year....I think middle school has a way of doing that.) She came home with jeans, t-shirts, shoes and the cutest plaid pea coat ever. (Gotta get a pic of her in it....seriously so cute, we got home and Meghan said "Uh, I am stealing that to wear to school".)
Here is the birthday girl with her purchases:

We just hung out that afternoon. Claire played some Band Hero with her sisters. Jack got it for the girls for Christmas. I was doubtful they would like it, but honestly, they have been playing it every day and love it. (Score Jack!)

We had dinner at a hibachi restaurant that evening. It was the five of us plus Meghan's boyfriend, Trey. (Claire's best friend couldn't make it, but Claire was excited that Trey could come.) Afterwards it was home for cake. Claire LOVES cookie cake, so in honor of her new rocker status with Band Hero, we got her a guitar cake.

I am not a big fan of frosting-laden giant cookies, so my sweet husband, made my very favorite cake from scratch! It was a three layer carrot cake. Is he not the best? was good!

We had a great day together. I love sharing my birthday with my sweet, middle daughter.
Love you, CB! (And yes, Maisy and B....I love you both too.)

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