Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving to Austin

So, the move.  We are headed to Austin, TX where Jack's job has relocated.  This all actually started last summer when Jack told me it was a possibility that the company he works for would be moving from Houston to Austin.  The idea was exciting because Austin is a pretty cool city.  It's younger, hipper, and smaller than Houston.  It is home to University of Texas, giving downtown a college feel with funky shops, fun places to eat and a vibrant nightlife with lots of live music.  It's also a much more "outdoor" city with two big lakes and lots of parks and trails.  On paper, everything about this move from Houston was YES, YES, YES.  But the reality is that we have two kids that are going to have to attend new schools and make new friends.  (Meghan will be college bound to UNT so she is not affected so much.)  The cost of housing is a lot more in Austin than Houston as well.  Our realtor told us it's generally $50k more for equivalent housing!  Crazy!  And, while Houston the city has never held that much appeal to me, the people here are A+.  I have made wonderful friends that I am going to have a hard time leaving behind.

However, even with those issues, we have been pretty excited and open to this move. The kids have been great....a little hesitant and sad to leave friends, but excited about the possibilities ahead.  So while Jack's office did indeed relocate this past March, we put our house on the market and prepared to move once the school year finished.  (Jack is working from home with occasional trips to Austin until the big move.)

I wish I could say that we are knee deep in packing boxes with Meghan's graduation just a week away!  Unfortunately though, that's not the case.  Our house is STILL for sale.  It's been over 10 weeks now.  We have had lots of showings (I think today marks 33 or 34) but not a single offer yet.  The market is really picky.  Our house is showing very well, but we have a small yard that is entirely pool.  There is no grass in the back at all, and well, that has been an issue...more so than Jack and I ever thought it would be.  Our pool has all the bells and whistles and our landscaping is very nice.  But, we've learned that people want grass....if even just a small amount for dogs, kids, whatever.  So we dropped our price last week to entice someone to live without the grass, but we are still waiting.  We haven't even begun looking in earnest for a home in Austin because we need to get this one sold first.  (Seriously, how do people swing two mortgages anyways???  I mean, how do you even get qualified for two mortgages in this age where banks have really tightened their belts.  Unless these people just have the cash, in which case, how on earth do you have that much cash???  Really.)

So, here we sit wishing we were preparing for graduation AND the move at the same time.  We would like to get over to Austin as soon as possible this summer so the girls can settle in a bit and get used to their new home and neighborhood before school begins in August.  At this rate, it won't be in June.  Big sigh.  I'm trying to be patient, repeating the mantra that everything happens when it should.  If I am being truthful though, I am anxious to get this move done.  In the moving words of the Black Eyed Peas, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED, okay???

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