Friday, June 10, 2011

We need our summer song!

Help!  It's June 10th already and we don't have a summer song yet at the McAfee house!  If you don't know what I am talking about, go here.  It should be a song that's current because we listen to the radio a lot, both at home and in the car.  When it comes on, we shout "summer song!" and blast it.

Meghan and Claire were kinda feeling Edge of Glory.  Honestly though, I am completely over Gaga.  She is so overplayed on the radio and her new stuff is just eh for me.  They weren't entirely over the top about the song either, so it's a NO.

Anna and I, on the other hand, like Bruno Mars' Lazy Song (excepting the one lyric about sex that makes me cringe.)  Love the music......very beachy/summery.  And if you can't be lazy in the summer, when can you be?  Meghan and Claire are just eh on that one though.  And we have to all agree on this song.   It's no fun if summer song comes on the radio and a couple of us are "great....summer song.....okay."  See what I mean?

The one song we all love is Adele's Rolling in the Deep.  Love that girl.  Love her cd.  Love, love, love.  But, it's already being played to death on the radio.  And a heartbreak song isn't exactly summery, even if musically, the song kicks you-know-what.  My favorite to blast in the car currently though.

So anyone have any other suggestions?  This one is kind of important because I am sure it will be the song that we identify with our move to Austin this summer.  IF we move to Austin this summer.  This house selling's going to fray my very last nerve.  But, that is a subject for another post!  Right now I just want to picture my summer song blasting while I float in the pool with an iced tea in hand.  Ahhh.....that's better.

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