Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Month Later

How not nice of me to start a blog and drop off the face of blogland for one entire month! Sorry kiddos, that was completely unintentional. Let's just say this particular tale started with the flu infecting our household at the beginning of the month and ended with Tracey's routine becoming non-existent! I will try to make amends by uber-posting in the month of March. :)

Spring is beginning to emerge here in Houston. We have had some beautiful, sunny days. Yesterday was one of them so the girls took full advantage of it and played outside. I snapped this pic of Anna in our Crepe Mertle tree in the front yard. I had no clue what a Crepe Mertle was when we moved to the south and that first winter I was horrified to see people hacking off the delicate branches leaving all these sticks jutting out from the trunk. It took awhile for me to figure out that this is how you prune them and encourage blooms. We don't do this to the tree Anna is sitting in, but we have two smaller ones in the back that Jack mercilessly hacks away at after the holidays. The trees have clumps of floral blooms in the spring that are so pretty. I will try to remember to snap another photo of the tree or the ones in back in a month's time when everything is in bloom.

The girls are due home any minute, so I will see you all again March 27......psych! See you soon!

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