Sunday, January 27, 2008

Someone turned 7 today!

Someone very special turned 7 today. I made a banner to hang in her honor.

And nothing but the finest for this special girl. In Texas, that means Blue Bell ice cream. Oh yeah, and chocolate birthday cake trimmed with Oreos.
Throw in five friends, a trip to Build-A-Bear and a sleepover with those five friends (plus some new furry friends), and you have a birthday party fit for this sweet and spunky girl! Happy Birthday Anna! We love you!

When given birthday money from her grandparents earlier this month, Anna decided to spend it on two Webkinz pets. That is until she woke up early one morning and cuddled on my lap while I visited some crafty blog sites I have bookmarked. I came to the Raggedy Old Annies shop where the talented Nicole lists her handmade dolls. Anna was mesmerized and decided right away she wanted a Raggedy Annie instead of a Webkinz. She carefully selected a doll, gave me her money and then faithfully checked the USPS tracking service each day to see where her Annie was. Last Wednesday, Annie arrived at our home and Anna was thrilled! She is very cute and I am so impressed that Anna chose a unique, handmade doll over the mass-produced Webkinz pets. She is a chip off her mother's block, I tell you. Good girl.

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