Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I did manage to do some quilting yesterday and it was fun! I finished the top for a little lap quilt kit I bought at the International Quilt Show last fall. How lucky am I that I live right outside of Houston where the Quilt Show and Festival takes place each year. I have been the past four years, and it is eye candy, I tell you! I bought 3 of these little kits in different fabrics to make a quilt for each of my three girls. They were to be Christmas gifts, but yeah, that didn't happen.

Here is our cat, Gracie, posing with a corner of the quilt.

And here is a close-up of the really fun fabrics.

And in the interest of fair and equal time, here is our mountain lion, err....other cat, Lucy.

Now that I have the quilting bug again, expect lots more pics and updates on my projects. I will briefly take a break however, as my husband and I are headed to Viva, Lost Wages for 3 days with some friends. We leave on Thursday and I hope to have some fun pics to show when we return.

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Scott said...

Cute kitties. Ours are Shadow, Emmy, Mr. Gray, and Simon. Sadly, Jack went out one night and hasn't come back, and it's been weeks. I think he is gone. Simon is beside himself, Jack was his brother, they lived in the barn together. Emmy, their mom, was out there with them until the boys got to rough for her, so she took refuge inside for the winter. Mom and Dad took a real liking to Mr. Gray, as most people that like cats do. He is the coolest of them. Shadow just eats and you know whats. She refuses to be picked up but likes to get on your lap. Emmy is a sweetie with a terror streak running through her. I'll get some pictures of them (and the dogs too!) on my blog sometime, but I should get some kid pics up first...keep up your blog (don't go all quilting on me) it's nice to read about your family! Love-Scott