Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finals Tonight!

Awwww......our boy made it through to the finals! We are so excited in the McAfee house (well, the females in the house are, anyways.) Meghan, Claire and I actually voted last week for the first time all season. I even had two phones going at once for a little while! I mean, did you see last week's show and Kris's version of Kayne West's Heartless? SO AWESOME. LOVED IT! Very Jason Mraz-ish, and anyone who knows me knows I love me some Jason Mraz.

We are looking forward to tonight's final show. (Again, the females in the house, that is. Jack just roles his eyes at us.) Both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are super talented and seem like really good guys. Either would make a great American Idol winner, but you know who all our votes are going to tonight! In fact, I've loaded my music player on the right with several of Kris's songs from this season. He is seriously the first person on American Idol who's CD I would buy. I have always loved the"boy and his guitar" artists: John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and lately, Matt Nathanson (oh, please check out this beautiful song!) So, it is no surprise that Kris Allen is my pick. Do you think we can get Jack to make calls tonight?

And on a sidenote, after Idol tonight, Meghan and I are excited to see this:

Does this not look awesome? Another show sucks Meghan and me in!

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