Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midsummer Afternoon's Blogpost

End of July already?  No way.  I dread flipping the calendar over to the next month.  Back to school month.  Back to scheduling life down to every minute month.   Back, you get it.  Does anyone else dread it as much as me?  Aren't moms supposed to be happy when their kids go back to school?  Not me.
We have had a somewhat, uneventful summer punctuated by some really fantastic events.  (Is that an oxymoron?)  The girls have had lots of unstructured time and we have had a lot of lazy days.  (Is that not the purpose of summer?)  Lots of sleeping in, tv watching, book reading, and internet surfing culminating in late nights where I am usually the first to bed.

But amidst the monotony have been some fantastic times:

+ A Kris Allen concert that would have been fantastic in it's own right, but then: WE MET HIM (visual proof coming shortly)

+ An awesome evening at The Hobby Center downtown to see the touring production of WICKED 

+ Another fantastic weeklong vacation at DisneyWorld in Orlando  (It's official, we are that weirdo Disney family.  Yes, we realize there are other places to vacation.  But. the. magic.  it. is. inescapable.)

I will blog separately about these things.  I just had to get them out there.  To remind my daughters that we HAVE done some fun things this summer.  (Yeah, it's getting a little long in the tooth around here.  Maybe I should scratch that paragraph above complaining about the S word.)

Also, I've played around with the blog design a bit again.  I dunno....too busy?  I like the colors and the design, but I'm just not too sure yet.  And, I am not even going to go there about the whole lack of blogging thing.  Just.  You know.

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