Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I shall now rename this blog the Kris Allen blog

So Kris Allen has been touring all summer with his band and one of his stops was Galveston, TX, about an hour south of Houston.  Of course, I jumped on those tickets right away and the five of us drove down on July 3rd to see our second Kris Allen concert.  (We saw him perform at Six Flags San Antonio back in March.  I know, I know....dragging my family all over Texas to see Kris Allen perform is a bit fangirly.  I admit it.  But, our girls really love him too, so it's a very family-oriented obsession.)

The concert was awesome.  You must see Kris Allen live sometime!  He is such a great performer and every single one of his songs sounds better live than on his cd.  (This is a huge compliment because I love his cd.)  Plus, he covers Michael Jackson, Allison Krauss, Radiohead, U2 and The Beatles just to name a few.  Seriously, who does that?  And he pulls every cover off originally and convincingly.  Plus, as Meghan would say, his band is "tight."  Simply put, they are a talented, fantastic band.

Okay, so the concert was amazing.  When it ended, we headed out of the venue and heard some people shouting over to the side and went over to investigate because Kris is known to come out to greet fans after his shows.  It was his tour bus!  (A gigantic Prevost....that bit is for my parents.)  There were about 40-50 of us just waiting outside the bus and after a few minutes, Kris stepped out with his tour manager!  It was so exciting.  The crowd basically mobbed him, but he was so gracious and patient with everyone.  The girls and I hung back a bit because dragging my family around for concerts not withstanding, I do not like acting like a crazy fan.  Also, I'm not into autographs, so I was just having fun watching him do his thing.  But after about 20-30 minutes (and Jack standing around semi-patiently), the crowd died down and we were able to get in line and get a picture with him.  So we got this nice family shot above that Jack took!  Thanks Jack!! (Ignore my deer-in-headlights eyes.  I believe the entire time, I was repeating, "I can't believe this, I can't believe this...")  It was a quick encounter, but he was so nice.  Claire asked him for a hug and he said "Sure!" and gave her one.    Seriously, he signed and took pictures for everyone who wanted (and that number quickly grew...probably well over 100 people.)  So yeah, I love him more than ever now.

Unfortunately he's not coming back to Texas on this tour but I believe he's playing Atlantic City this weekend.  Who's in???

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