Friday, April 18, 2008


I haven't heard from my brother as to whether or not it's okay to post pics of the kids, so I am taking that as consent. If I am wrong Scott, let me know and the pics will disappear.

Here are the kids when we all met at my mom and dad's place in Bandera over Spring Break.

The girls: Meg, Anna, Ashley, Claire and Molly

Brian, Claire, Meghan and John in the foreground

Meghan and David

David and Anna

Anna and Ashley

I thought it would be awkward for the kids when my brother's clan arrived because they hadn't seen each other in so long. (And they were just meeting Brian and John, who are my brother's stepsons, for the first time.) It was so not awkward though! Scott's kids are all very outgoing and they had my girls talking in no time flat. They all enjoyed each other's much so that the kids convinced me to let the girls play hookey from school so they could stay an extra day in Bandera. I am so glad they convinced me. Memories made with distant family members trumps school any day of the week.

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Scott said...

Tracey - no problem with pictures of the kids! Thanks for updating your blog, I still check it often! Love to you and your family! Scott