Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I watched the inauguration today. Whether you voted for Obama or not, it was a pretty awesome spectacle, no? I felt like I was witnessing history. And what a great orator. His speech was moving and forceful. I just hope he can lead this country through all of our trevails as well as he can give a speech.

More importantly, what did you all think of Michelle Obama's dress? I'm on the fence. Loved the design and the matching overcoat with the cute tie. Not sure I liked the color though. And the gloves? Ugh. HATED.the.gloves. Green... seriously? I used to have a car that color. We called it monkey-shit green. Not kidding. Who told her those gloves were remotely stylish?

Adorable. Absolutely cute, cute, cute. The Obama girls are the ages of my youngest two daughters. How fun is it going to be to see them grow up in the White House? Loved when Malia pulled the camera out of her coat pocket and took pictures during the swearing in ceremony.....that is so something Claire would do.


Fred said...

OK.....so how many kids had their own car (supplied by their parents) in college? Granted it was the most ugly urine green/yellow Maverick ever made. But it was "free"!

Your turn is just around the corner. Can wait!!!

Tracey said...

Hahaha....touche, Dad!