Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anna's birthday festivities

So last weekend, Anna invited 7 friends over to have a tea party for her birthday. We decorated the dining room table and used some china tea cups that were Anna's great grandmother's. Before tea, the girls each picked out a straw hat and some silk flowers to decorate them with. I hot-glued the flowers on. They also decorated placemats. Claire and her friend, Jenna served three courses to the girls: heart-shaped pb&j sandwiches, fruit, and dessert which included shortbread, sugar and jam-filled cookies, and the cutest little tea cake that served 8 exactly. The girls had a great time!
Tuesday was Anna's actual birthday. Jack was in Atlanta and got back home around 7pm that evening. On top of that, Claire had volleyball practice until 8pm, so poor Anna had to wait all day and evening to open presents and have cake. She was SO patient.

Homemade (ha.....out of the box is homemade to me!) strawberry cake with chocolate frosting, per Anna's request.

Jack arrived home with a bouquet of flowers for Anna.

Happy 8th birthday Anna! more birthdays until June in this house. But it's a big one. Gulp.

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