Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh Nine!

Happy New Year everyone! We had a busy last few days of 2008. December 30th was Claire's 11th birthday (and my 42nd.) We celebrated together and with a couple of Claire's friends. First, we were off to see Bedtime Stories and then it was a fun birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. We were too full for cake (haha...see Meghan's masterpiece below) and ice cream, so the girls had it for breakfast the next morning.

Our birthday picture together. 2 things: 1)That Wii Fit needs to come out of the box. Now.Or 15 pounds ago. 2) My 11 year old is almost as tall me! She has about an inch to go to reach Meg.

Yesterday was New Year's Eve and we celebrated with friends at their house. We played poker, ate lots of yummy food and shot off some fireworks (Texans love their fireworks.) At midnight we toasted 2009 and called it a night. Fun.

Today, instead of being super organized and goal-focused like the New Year often makes me, I am being lazy and just enjoying the day. I slept until 8:15! (That is unheard of for me, who likes to wake up before the birds do.) Then I made a big breakfast for all of us of bacon, eggs and biscuits. I have been debating over taking down the Christmas decorations today. I think we will light the tree one more time tonight and then take it all down tomorrow. The season just seemed so short this year!

So friends, family and bloggers, I hope the start of your new year has been as content and relaxing as ours. I look forward to posting a lot more in 2009. I have books to share, quilting and bucket projects to show off and another family birthday coming up at the end of this month. Till next time!

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