Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've got to jump on this bandwagon

You know who Susan Boyle is by now, right? Omigosh, I have viewed this youtube clip (sorry, YouTube will not allow me to embed the video on my blog so you have to's SO worth it) probably 10 times since discovering it yesterday. And GAH....tears stream down my face every.single.time. Seriously, is it possible to feel happier for a person? Good on her.....what awesome (emphasis on AWE) talent.

And speaking of singing and talent....anyone out there watching Idol this season? Claire, Anna and I are watching every week with Jack and Meghan viewing sporadically. My favorite? Not Adam. Yes, he has mad talent and great stage presence, but he's not my favorite. This guy is more my style:

Go Kris!! Did you see this week's performance, Falling Slowly? I LOVED it. Haha....Jack and Meg were actually watching with us and Jack said, Eh, it wasn't great." Meghan and I both immediately jumped in and said, "Are you kidding? That was awesome". It's a girl thing. He sang that song with such passion and tenderness.....sigh. What girl wouldn't want a cutie like that to sing a love song to her the way he did Tuesday night. Adam may entertain me, but Kris moves me.

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