Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday afternoon with the Astros

Jack scored 4 tickets to the Houston Astros game yesterday afternoon. His boss called on Saturday and offered them to him. Since there were only four, we decided he should take the girls. Apparently the tickets belonged to Lance Berkman's father-in-law. They were directly behind home plate, 13 rows up!! Check this out:
Are those not awesome seats?!? The Astros beat the Milwaukee Brewers 3-2! The girls had a great time. Jack bought them all caps since we don't own any Astros merchandise. Aren't they cute (the girls and the caps):They also ingested enough ballpark food (hot dogs, popcorn, frozen lemonade, Cracker Jacks and who know what else) to sustain them through all 9 innings.
It was a beautiful day here, but they closed the dome due to strong winds yesterday. Bummer....but at least they didn't all come home sunburned! Very fun day for the four of them.

Me? I did laundry. Don't cry for me, Blogland.

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Fred said...

Hello from Granbury! Sure enjoyed the pictures of Meghan's 16th birthday. Great, and 16 year ago!!

Even your Aunt Sherry loves to read your blog......and regularly does so....but told us last night that it needed updating. We check it every few days.