Saturday, April 4, 2009

LOL....OMG....What the...?

Let's do I feel right now? Ummm, let's say your BFF planned a surprise party for you and gathered 100s of friends, acquaintances and strangers around your front door in the early morning. Then you stumble out of bed, look at the make-up smudged eyes you were too tired to clean the night before, pour a cup of coffee and take your first sip before hearing the doorbell ring. You answer the door in your bra-less tank top (cause it's Houston here and that's sleeping attire in April) and stare in disbelief at the crowd before you.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel thanks to one incredible Ms. Meg Cabot. That scene above is exactly me this morning right down to the eye smudges, braless tank and coffee. Except I really don't think we are BFFs, Meg (I am not stalker-like that way, though yes, I did know M&Ms were a snack of yours and gluten-free). And instead of a surprise party, Meg LINKED TO ME FROM HER BLOG read by fans of hers from all over the world.

So please excuse my blog's appearance, faithful followers of Meg. (I mean, a quilt post at the top of my blog? really? really? I could die of embarassment (Though girls, quilting is hip now. Seriously, you should think about taking it up. The fabrics! to. die. for. And, your generation needs to keep up this American tradition.)

Anyways, thanks Meg!! (I think?) We had such an awesome time meeting you yesterday. I will blog the entire experience when I finish a pot of coffee or two. (And cheer on my 8 year old's soccer team this morning....go Gators!)

And you may be a ROCK STAR author, but if I scroll through my photos and find one of you with say, your eyes half-closed or something, I am not above posting it to get you back. :)

Be back soon with pics of our experience!

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T. Anne said...

What an awesome experience! Thanx for sharing, I love Meg too!