Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The weekend: a little volleyball/a big rodeo/ a giant concert

Finally!  I think I have figured out the photo thing between Blogger and the Mac!  Sorry for the delay, but I now have pics of our weekend a couple weeks back.  Claire had a volleyball tournament and do I have a picture of her spiking the ball?  Making a great pass?  No, I have a picture of her tailgating with her teammates during a break in matches.  Priorities, you know? 
So after the tournament, we headed down to the Houston Rodeo which is a 3 week extravaganza held downtown each spring.  It is one huge party for the city of Houston with a fair, livestock show, rodeo competition and live concerts every day for 3 weeks.  We scored tickets to see the Jonas Brothers.  Unfortunately, traffic was HORRENDOUS (McAfees do not do very well when stuck in traffic not knowing where to go.  Reference the Disneyworld Vacation 2008 post), so by the time we found parking, we only had time to scarf a quick corn dog before entering Reliant Stadium for the rodeo and concert.  I bought these tickets from ticketmaster the moment they went on sale back in January and still only managed to get nosebleed seats.  Thank goodness for the jumbo-tron because as you can see, we were up in the heavens.  Still, we had a lot of fun watching the cowboys wrangle steer and ride broncos. 

Then the fireworks went off to start the Jonas Brothers concert.  Demi Lovato opened for them and we all thought she was pretty bad.

The JoBros though, actually surprised me.  They were really good.  The girls had a great time (even Meghan who voted for Black Eyed Peas tickets over Jonas Brothers).  Jack tolerated the whole thing fairly well. 

In a nod to the rodeo, Nick, Joe and Kevin put on cowboy hats and sang a Keith Urban song.  The crowd (70,000 plus) loved it!  They were really fun and sounded great.  I definitely came away more impressed with them than I was going in. 

And a last picture of the girls outside of Reliant Stadium after the concert.  A long, but fun day.

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